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Posted my first proper art :D

2010-09-22 12:47:42 by SamSkitzy

Posted my first serious artwork that's not made on paint... yay!

New to street fighter.

2010-09-10 20:58:46 by SamSkitzy

Just started playing street fighter, im not very good cant seem to get the turns of the stick right... anyone else had this problem when they first started?

Decided Hakan is good fun though and maybe Dudley.

New to street fighter.

I went back to school and found my first day of year 11 to be alright. I was just wondering how over peoples were because I prefer to talk to people over the interwebs than real life -.-

My mum is proud.


2010-08-09 02:07:11 by SamSkitzy

Recently I've noticed I talk to myself more and more...


2009-09-11 14:05:58 by SamSkitzy

why is there cheese under my foreskin?

The ultimate question...

2009-04-14 06:19:04 by SamSkitzy

Pirates or Ninjas?

Ninjas are fast.
But Pirates have Shmexy beards.

No one will ever know.


2009-04-10 06:10:51 by SamSkitzy

tastes like cake


2009-04-05 15:10:17 by SamSkitzy

OMG IT's ah freakin video!!!

/* */
I made it myself... talented? no?


2009-04-05 13:51:32 by SamSkitzy

would jesus have been a twat?

Now why cant i get the girl i want